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Last time we started a short story on Jumoke and Dayo (true story, only names have been changed).The story continues this week. We would appreciate your views and comments on this story. ************************ Jumoke had lost count of how many times Dayo beat her and pushed her out of their house or abandoned her on the road if they had an argument in the car while driving home from somewhere. On one occasion while she was pregnant for their first child, he put his fist through the passenger window of his car and dragged her through it,after punching her in the stomach several times she ended up in the hospital; needless to say she lost the baby. She got pregnant again, this time with twins but things remained the same he abused her again and again. After she delivered, he would complain when the babies cried and tell her `to shut them up or else.’ Every day Jumoke lived in fear, never knowing what Dayo’s mood would be. After years of abuse, Jumoke was determined to turn her life around…


Jumoke’s journey to hell began twelve years ago when she met Dayo at a friend’s wedding in Surulere. She was 22 at the time and a graduate of Business Administration, Obafemi Awolowo University. He was 2 years older, kind, attentive and friendly. Quite typically, she soon fell for him. He was a good looking, sweet and loving man whom she was lucky to be dating and of course things moved pretty fast, they were a married couple by traditional rites within 6 months.
Within a few months of their marriage,his behaviour got more and more controlling, he wouldn't let Jumoke out the house to search for a Job which they desperately needed. Soon he started to hit her and threatened to kill her if she leaves him. She was scared for her life and there were times when she returned home to her parents but her mother was constantly reminding her that nobody’s marriage is perfect, she should be patient, Dayo will change.
The story continues in a forthnight. However, we would like to know what you …