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Benefactors often talk of a long-standing sense of responsibility toward their loved ones. They want to provide for their family even when they are no longer there. They wish to provide, not just for the next generation, but several after that; so that their successors can enjoy a good standard of living, protection against emergencies and have a useful platform from which to make the most of their own successes. Effective Wealth Management is a result of careful financial and estate planning. Without proper planning and proficient management, the wealth could easily be lost in future generations to: Family conflict,Taxes, poor investments, and unprepared recipients of the wealth.
You may have different ideas about how you want to achieve this; such as helping your children buy their first home, kick-starting a business or paying for your Children’s education.There is an array of options available to help you protect your legacy and pass on your wealth and it is our belief that action t…


The economic news in recent times is worrisome, and we cannot afford to lose our hard earned money to personal/government frivolities or some unnecessary expenses, gone are the days that you can keep your money in banks and go to sleep, fully assured that your money is safe, these days one has to be careful due to the rate at which banks are changing name, management, all kinds of deductions that is cumbersome to understand, and various bank charges that is not adding any value to your savings. Keeping your money through other available options is not totally fool proof, you just have to be keen, and very interested in how your money is kept, what it is used for and why it is either growing or reducing. This is not the time to be living a lifestyle that is above your means and income, but it is the best time to keep saving, and protect your savings aggressively, there are all kinds of schemes out there to get at your money, from the seemingly harmless every weekend Aso-Ebi, to the ge…