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The current state of our economy is not a bed of roses, truth be told the government is doing its best to survive various onslaught from multiple fronts, but in the end the first person that cares so much about you or your family, and your well being is you, always remember that, and so your are the first line of security you and your family has, and therefore must protect them, especially your children.
Companies are down sizing, businesses are contracting while some are experiencing outright collapse, and the pervasive uncertainties in the system for now, makes it difficult to feel secure financially, in terms of employment, and advancement in all aspects of life, but in all of this you still have to think and worry about your family.

If you do think of your family, especially your children, then you should know that you need a plan B now more than ever before, and cannot afford to leave your future, and that of your family to chance, because staking so much on a gambling move like…


"A leader who produces other leaders multiplies their influences." John C. Maxwell.
The easiest example of a leader is the decision maker/ joint decision maker in the family, and the main requirement of this leadership position is to take care of every member of the family in such a way as to portray you as being up to the task, especially the children, because they are the future of the family, the community, and the nation at large.

The economy is not  in its best shape in recent times, as a result of difficult decisions the government has to take with the aim of protecting our commonwealth, companies are downsizing, jobs are being lost, investment is losing value, and poverty is increasing by the day, so how do you intend to secure your future? the simple answer is by protecting and empowering your children, your future through the provision of quality education,you can finance your children's education by setting up a trust fund for them, before it becomes too late.